Citizen Service

Citizen Service Office

The Citizen Service Office (OAC) is the unit in charge of promoting and encouraging the participation of citizens. Likewise, it provides and offers in a timely and adequate manner the information required by users. Additionally, it provides support and guidance in various social assistance procedures, and offers a solution to requests made by citizens.

Contact (OAC)

Contact address: Av.Intercommunal Maiquetía International Airport, Edf. Sector 6-3. Strategic Zone, East side of the Maiquetía International Airport. Adjacent to Ground Transit hangars PB, Maiquetía - Edo. Vargas.

Attention schedule: Monday to Friday from 08:00am a 05:00pm , Saturdays and Sundays of 09:00am a 05:00pm


This email is exclusively to receive applications for social assistance.