Minors traveling alone (UMNR)

Minors traveling alone (UMNR)

  • Only unaccompanied minors aged from 07 to 18 years old are allowed, they must have an authorization from their legal representative.

  • They cannot travel on Domestic Flights after 1800 hrs.

  • You must have a notarized permission from both parents, you can carry out this procedure through the (CPNNA), through an authorization authenticated by a Notary Public.

  • If both or one of them is abroad, you can process the authorization in the Venezuelan Consulate of the city where you reside, in a Public Notary of said city, to do so by this means must be endorsed by the Consular authority.

  • If there is no Consulate in the country of residence or it is located at a very distant distance, it must be apostilled with the formality indicated in the Hague Convention.

  • They must inform in a mandatory way, at the time of processing the reservation, surname, first name, identity document, telephone contact and address of the person who will take it to the airport and who receives it.

  • At the time of the checkup, you must be accompanied by your legal representative.

  • The minor traveling alone from 07 to 18 years of age (UMNR) will have a cost of the adult ticket.