Baggage allowance

Baggage allowance

Hand luggage

It is the one that the passenger carries with him in the cabin of the aircraft.

By always carrying it with you, you can monitor and access it at any time and you can carry with you those belongings you need during the trip and once you arrive at your destination.

Checked Baggage

It is the one for whose custody the carrier responds exclusively, and for which, it issues a checked baggage ticket.It has two portions, that of the passenger to claim it at its final destination and the one that is placed in the luggage to be transported.

Hand luggage

Checked baggage

Baggage allowance according to aircraft type.

Executive class
Economy class



Checked Baggage Hand luggage Checked Baggage Hand luggage Infant luggage
Embraer - E190

National and international

N / A N / A 1 pieces of 23 1 pieces of 5 1 pieces of 10
Airbus - A340 2 piezas de 23 1 pieces of 8 1 piezas de 23 kg 1 pieces of 8 1 pieces of 10
Grand Cessna CNA-208

1 pieces of 10

Maximum dimensions 55cm x 40 cm x 20cm.

N / A

Additional Baggage

National route
International Route
equipment Additional baggage / Excess baggage Additional baggage fee Excess baggage origin venezuela Excess baggage of international origin Excess baggage origin havana
Embraer - E190 1% of the base rate OW + VAT USD 100 up to 23 kg

2 USD per kg

6 USD per kg

4 USD per kg

Airbus - A340 N / A USD 150 up to 30 kg
Grand Cessna CNA-208 3 USD per kg 3 USD per kg 3 USD per kg N / A N / A

Special Baggage

National route
International Route
equipment Rate Rate
Embraer - E190 $ 0.50 per kg USD 100 per equipment
Airbus - A340 $ 0.50 per kg USD 150 per equipment
Grand Cessna CNA-208 3 USD per kg
Classification of special baggage
Sports equipment Sports equipment Medical equipment Home appliances Spirits

Bicycle, ski equipment,

diving equipment (it is withdrawn regulated), archery equipment, golf clubs, surf equipment, kitesurf, windsurfing, other equipment.
Saxophone, trumpet, violin, stripper, drum, cymbals, among others. Surgical hospital, therapeutic among others. Blender, rice cooker, televisions among others.

In Embraer-190 3 bottles per passenger

En Grand Cessna 3 bottles per passenger as checked baggage.


  • Excess baggage will be authorized by the station manager, if there is availability.

  • On domestic flights, checked baggage must not contain merchandise of any kind for marketing purposes, if so, it must be sent by express cargo.

  • On domestic flights, special items will be sent by express cargo.

  • All special luggage must be well packed, the instruments will only be authorized to board the cabin if they meet the hand luggage measure, otherwise they must be sent by express cargo with their respective hard case.

  • Baggage that does not comply with the policies will be considered cargo.

  • For express cargo only pieces weighing more than 30 Kg and up to 40 Kg.